How to learn British accent

As the world has transformed into a global village, the barriers which previously held apart nations, are breaking down. We are transforming into a large united community rather than segregated populations. New technologies have changed our lives forever, helping us communicate, travel and share our lives with others. This has not only led to a better understanding of each other’s culture but it has also provided new opportunities for employment and business. One problem faced by people who want to take advantage of these opportunities is the language barrier.


English as an International Language:

English has quickly become an international language rather than a regional one. This has partially solved the language barrier issue. Now the English language is recognized globally and for business, study and in many cases daily life, English has become a necessity. Now English is one of the easiest languages to learn, but one of the hardest to master. The reason is that as it has been adopted in so many regions, each region has developed a certain accent and a certain way of speaking.

Authenticity among accents:

Among these accents the most widely accepted and encouraged accent is the standard British English accent. It has been regarded as authentic and has the needed clarity and finesse to work in all situations and regions. Most of the institutes which teach English are good at imparting basic writing, reading and speaking skills, but accent refinement is an area which is mostly ignored. This is because accent training requires instructors, which are not only proficient in English but also trained in voice coaching. This is precisely the area in which Speech School specializes.


SpeechSchool.TV is a subscription based Internet TV channel, which is a pioneer of Online English and Accent training. Applying a set of interactive multimedia techniques, there is a replication of one on one sessions which are unavailable to so many of you out there. Professional voice coaches and experts in linguistics design the course work and the exercises, which can be downloaded and practiced everyday. This is accompanied by a plethora of material, which can be used to assist and model the daily practice. Speech assessment options are available which can check your progress and provide a report, thus helping you progress.

Accent reduction program:

The British accent training helps in neutralizing your present accent, no matter how used to it you are by now. This will be supplemented by exposure to true British style English, plus guides and exercises to train you until it becomes your natural accent. Confidence and presentation skills will be focused on as areas of development so that what you learn will serve you well for your life to come.

Everyone deserves quality education but sadly it isn’t the case for most of us. SpeechSchool.TV strives to create a product which helps you achieve what you dreamed of and confidently enter this fast world without your language or accent being a barrier.